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Senior Dogs – Hershey

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Well, back in April Hershey was declared a senior dog. That hurt to hear. Besides the hip dysplasia she was born with she looked in perfect health. Had her yearly blood work done and it came back, as the vet said “Fantastic”. Good to hear.
Well, one week later I am taking Hershey to see Dr. Howe-Smith at the Cherry Hill Pet PT. She torn a ligament in her left knee stemming from the hip dysplasia in the same hip. Not only did she tear the ligament but she has developed arthritis in her left shoulder which is now causing muscle spasms in her neck. My poor girl went down hill fast ever since she was called a Since I became a chef for dogs I have concentrated on feeding Hershey nothing with preservatives or chemicals. Now she is on pain medication probably for the rest of her life. She is doing very well with special thanks to Dr. Howe-Smith and his team for introducing to me another option over surgery. Her numbers for muscle mass and extensions have exceeded the vets expectations. You go girl!!!